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The PAUSE You Deserve From Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a homeowner, hoping to sell your home, or a home buyer, seeking the so – called, house of your dreams (which you can also afford), it’s important to discover the real estate agent, who best serves your needs, and understands your priorities. It is important to find the right agent, for you, who goes that extra yard, and puts you, first! This article will review, using the mnemonic approach, to discuss the PAUSE, you should seek, and need, from your real estate professional.

1. Patience; priorities; planning: Often, the act of buying and/ or selling a home, may be a tense, trying one! Agents must exhibit and possess the necessary patience, to help calm clients and customers down, holding their hands, throughout the process! Clarify priorities, and thoroughly explain your methods, ideas, and relevant planning, which will benefit the client and/ or customer!

2. Attitude; articulate; attention: The last thing needed is additional stress or negativity, during this often – tense, period of time. Opt for someone to represent you, who possesses a genuine, can – do, positive attitude! There must be a keen degree of attention to detail, and agents must clearly articulate their central message, in an effective manner.

3. Usual; unusual; unique: Licensed salespersons should all be able to capably handle the usual aspects of a transaction, such as listings and showings, etc. Seek someone who is also capable of performing the unusual, but needed aspects, including communication, professional negotiations, quality selling, and empathy! Consider how well someone performs his tasks and proceeds in an unique manner, which benefits the clients!

4. Service; strength; system; sales: The best agents focus on providing the highest level of service and caring! Remember, you are the client, and you’ve hired your agent! What types of strengths does he possess, and how might he make you a happier client? Do you understand the system he explains, and what are its benefits? Is he a master of both sales and selling, or does he merely proceed, in some sort of robotic manner?

5. Empathy; excellence; efforts: Buyers and sellers have feelings, and need someone who proceeds with the highest degree of genuine empathy! One must never be satisfied with merely, good – enough, but rather seek excellence! One’s efforts must address needs, priorities, etc!

Seek the best agent you possibly can! Understand, appreciate, and apply the PAUSE, agents should, and must supply!